One Way Car Hire France

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One way car hire in France is a fast and easy way for a quote or booking. We search hundreds of car hire companies to find you the best deal, whether you are on holiday or business.

If you are on a business trip to France, you could pick up your car at an airport, or if you prefer, you can pick up your hire car at one of France's many train station locations.

France is a great place for a driving holiday, with some special driving experiences including the tallest road bridge in the world. Also the famous Millau viaduct is well worth seeing.

General driving information in France:

France has more than 7000 kilometres of motorway.

The majority are toll roads, and therefore chargeable. At the starting point of your motorway journey you take a ticket from the machine at the entrance to the motorway, and when you exit the motorway you insert your ticket for payment.

For dry roads the speed limit in France is 130km/hour for toll motorways, 110km/hour for motorways without tolls, and 50km/hour in towns.

On the spot fines by police are not uncommon in France.Fuel filling stations supply leaded petrol, unleaded petrol and super unleaded.

The leaded pump is blue in colour, the unleaded pump is green.It is generally cheaper to fill up at Supermarkets than filling stations on the autoroutes.

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