Madrid Atocha Train Station Minibus Hire



Madrid Atocha is the longest and the largest railway station nestled in the capital city of Spain. It serves commuter trains, intercity trains, and regional trains as well as commuter trains from the South, travelling to and from Madrid. Ran by Renfe, this station is where you should go if you want to reach the cities of Barcelona, Zaragoza, Seville, and Valencia, in the fastest way possible. It also serves high speed trains from Valencia, Seville and Barcelona.

The commuter train platforms are situated underground. Atocha station is served by 2 Madrid Metro stations, Atocha Renfe and Atocha. The Attocha Renfe was constructed when the new terminal building was built, and is linked to the railway station. The train is accessible from Atoche in the Arganzuela district. It has been Madrid’s first ever railway station. With that said, this train station is indeed laced with rich history. And if you will visit it now, it will showcase a modern glass and steel facade. There’s also a tropical garden built within its grounds - something that travellers will definitely enjoy staying at. That spot is ideal for relaxing while waiting for your train to arrive.

picture of Madrid Atocha train station

If you take this train station, the trip to Barcelona from Madrid is going to take just a few hours. And along the way, you can marvel at the picturesque landmarks of the two cities. It’s going to be one long ride – but a really cozy and enjoyable one. You’ll love all the adventures that the trip brings. It will be so good you may even long for it again. Unlike most train rides that are tedious and somewhat agonizing, the one you’ll take at the Madrid Atocha station will be the most scenic and the most exciting that you’ll have.

Madrid Atocha Train Station is known for its high-speed AVE trains. The station’s major journey is the trip to Barcelona. It successfully connects these two major cities of Spain in a matter of a few hours. While the average travel time between these two points is 3.5 hours, the shortest time recorded was a mere 2 hours and 40 minutes. There are about 17 trains passing through this station daily.

Because tourists normally use this station to get to almost any other spot in Spain, there are English translations for almost everything. Travelers will also be relieved to know that there are English-speaking tellers on duty. There’s really nothing to complain about the ride, as almost everything is in place to make it easier for tourists to go around. Better than most airports, this station serves more than 16 million passengers yearly. Currently, there are proposals for an expansion that will open up individual sections for the arrivals and departures area. This will make everything much easier for the passengers.

Indeed, a tour of Madrid won’t be complete without taking a train ride at the Atocha Train Station. Regardless if your destination is just the Chamartin Station or somewhere as far as Seville or Barcelona, take the train. You’re going to love the experience. And it will be so good you’d do it over again.