Minibus Hire Ireland

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There are a several worldwide and European minibus rental companies in Ireland. Some companies are at the major airports, usually in the arrivals terminals or halls. Most of the rental companies are open from 8am. to 8pm.

Dublin airport is the largest airport in the Republic of Ireland, and lies about ten Kilometres (just over six miles) from Dublin city. The airport serves domestic and international airlines.

General driving information in Ireland

British citizens born in the UK do not require a passport, but do require certain forms of identification e.g. driving licence with photograph.

As in the UK in Ireland you drive on the left.

Road signs are generally in Kilometres, but sometimes in Kilometres and Miles.

  • The speed limits must be observed when driving a hire car in Ireland.
  • The motorway speed limit is as follows: motorways 120 km/h.
  • major roads and dual carriageways100 km/h.
  • towns and cities 50 km/h.

Fuel can vary widely, petrol stations are required to display their prices clearly, so it is easy to compare prices and they can vary by approximately 10c per litre. Supermarkets are generally reasonably priced.

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